Better than who?

Why is it that people like to be better than other people? I have found that unfortunately people have this complex that causes them to put others down or the complex does not allow them to even believe that possibly others could be better than they are. I feel like we have allowed ourselves to take the social norm that says we need to stomp on or trample anyone or anything that may be in our way a little too far. We even overlook our friendships in this situation.
We even have a tendency to look at our friends in the same way. We look at them as our enemy instead of embracing them and trying to finish the race together. We all want to be at the top, but it seems like we forget that we need to embrace the bottom, where we start, before we can truly reach the top.
I find it unfortunate when I hear of people who put themselves on a platform above everyone else. It is an unfortunate place to be because someday they may find themselves being knocked down with nobody around who really wants to help them, but may feel obligated.
The real question is who are we truly better than? Why is it that we can’t seem to understand we aren’t the greatest at anything? We all have talents in different areas and we should learn how to praise each other in those abilities instead of getting jealous and knocking people down just to get our jollies. It is a weird way to please yourself in my opinion.
I am suggest something a little far fetched and possibly way to out there, but it is worth a shot. Let’s try CARING about EACH OTHER and QUIT CARING about how GREAT WE ARE as INDIVIDUALS!!! We are meant to live together on this earth to make it a better place, but as long as we battle each other we might as well kiss our butts goodbye and watch our plastic (MEAN GIRLS reference) relationships dissipate as we go trying to be better than everyone else. WHICH, by the way, is IMPOSSIBLE!!!

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