So I was thinking about my last post. In fact, from the looks of it I am the only one thinking about my last post, but that’s ok. I have been looking back on my life and started to think about the people I had that walked with me and guided me in my life, other than family. We all have family members that guided us and gave us insight to life, but very few have the opportunity to have someone outside of their family who cares enough to motivate, encourage, and share their experience with. I have been blessed and honored to have several, yet I never took the time to say thank you. So here it goes.

First, I want to thank Mrs. Murowski my incredible fourth grade teacher. This lady knew I was horrible at math, in fact, everyone in class knew because I cried every time we had to do it (seriously, I did). She was an amazing teacher who cared about all of her students and found a way to make each one of them feel special. She encouraged me to show up early in the morning, walk with her around a field, which was her daily ritual, and work through my multiplication tables. With her help and her love for teaching I mastered my sevens and my nines while exercising. Now, I am a great multi-tasker. Thank you Mrs. Murowski for educating and sharing wisdom and not living by the bell schedule.

Second, I need to thank my youth pastor Joe. He is a great man who loves God and people. He took the time to encourage me in my faith, pray with me in hard times, and mentor me through my ministry. He continues to be a great friend and a great counselor. His ministry keeps me motivated and continues to encourage me as I seek to serve the Lord in rural America. Thanks Joe for your words and encouragement!

Third, a YoungLife leader named RD. This is a man who has dedicated his life to serving and loving young people. He may be older than most YoungLife leaders, but he is still kickin’ it and moving strong with extraordinary energy. He has never slowed down and as I have watched him and heard of his awesome work in many different areas I know that I can do the same! RD, thanks for your amazing example!

Ok, so there a few others away from family, but I am going to end with those three. Mentors are so valuable and can cause extreme changes in the life of a person. We are never too old to have one and I encourage everyone to seek out an individual that can guide, give healthy counsel, listen, etc. because of the experiences that can be had and the wisdom that can be gained.

In Dispatches from Juvenile Hall by John Aarons, Lisa Smith and Linda Wagner, the value of mentors is revealed when they talk about youth in the system. They share “Those with success stories talked about adults who stepped in to become positive role models. The impact these adults made wasn’t always immediate, but whatever they said did remain, and served to inspire change and dedication…” (Dispatches from Juvenile Hall, 2009, p. 178)

As I close this post I want to emphasize the value of mentors. I thank everyone who has taken the time, given the energy, and inspired me to keep moving forward even when I fought back. You have helped me discover my role and my responsibility in the Kingdom of God, whether you knew it or not.

If you have had anyone in your life that has been a mentor or role model for you, take the time to thank them today.


2 thoughts on “Mentors

  1. Well put Bobby. We should be seeking mentors in everything we do … unless we think we know everything!
    I'm looking forward to reading your next post.


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