Get your groove on…keep it clean

When I was in school, middle school to be exact, there were dances. I loved going to dances, especially during the awkward times when I thought I was smooth and would ask a girl to dance. I remember asking this girl I had a huge crush on to dance with me and we had the best wrist dance ever! What’s a wrist dance you ask? Oh man, let me tell you! I go up to this girl and I ask her if she would like to dance. She looks at me with an awkward grin and says the magic words of “I guess”. Oh yeah, I’m in. So I am thinking I will be dancing with her like I see in the movies, hands together, close up, looking at each other, maybe her head will rest on my shoulder if she feels tired (because that’s what I thought that meant in middle school). My view was so wrong! She stuck her hands out and stayed approximately six inches or more from me, which forced me to grab her wrist. We moved slowly in a circle holding wrists looking awkwardly into each others eyes and the only time a head hit my shoulders was when I had to wipe the sweat off my head due to my nervousness. Yeah, I got my groove on…not so much! This awkward dance can be seen in our lives sometimes with each other and with God. I knew this girl pretty well, in fact I was at her house often and probably asked her out a million times plus one. However, for some reason, we felt awkward getting close in a dance, possibly due to the intimacy or some other reason. Either way, for Christians there might be a limitation to how close we want to dance with God. We want Him to be close with us, but not too close because that opens the door for too much intimacy. Our wrists are out, but He better not think He is getting any closer. We need to open our bodies up a bit. Allow Him to get closer and know us deeper. Maybe get to the point of hands on the hip and our hands on His shoulders (awkward dancing at its best) moving to a Tango! Yeah, imagine dancing so close with Jesus that He knows the steps we are taking next and we know His. We know when to spin and when to come in close. Imagine what kind of a dance that would look like. All eyes would be on us because they see that there is practice and there is a connection deeper than anyone has ever seen on the dance floor of life. This is how we get our groove on and people see we have moves, especially since we have an awesome partner that guides our every step. On Thursday…be ready for another dance thought

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