Who’s David?

I just had to write a devotional/short bible study for a friend of mine. She had asked because she was busy and I said I would love to since I really like doing that sort of thing. Right before we ended our conversation another friend shared something she had heard from a musician about David and Goliath and it totally was applicable.

So, I rewrote and added some other thoughts about David and Goliath. I thought I would share it for today’s post, especially since it fits with the idea of dying to self.

Here it is: 1 Samuel 17- Reference So we have all heard the story of David and Goliath. The whole idea of we need to be like David and be ready to conquer the giants in our lives and standing up to the sin that may be trying to devour us. Which is fine and all, but I am going to take it in a different direction…sort of.

 The story is a story of victory and strength. Strength to stand up against something bigger than we could ever imagine and the victory of a young man willing to face the odds with a sling and some stones while a group of grown men quivered behind him doubting what he could do and boy were they surprised when he took the giant out and cut off his head.

Maybe this story is about us, but in a different way.

Maybe we are the group of grown men quivering in the background and David represents someone bigger than us, possibly Jesus? David (Jesus) steps up to our sin which is bigger than we are, whips out His Jesus power and takes out the giant (sin). All the while we quiver from it doubting that God is bigger than what we face.

 However, when David took out that giant, what do we see? We find the crowd of warriors, who were once hiding in fear, running in ready to fight and to provide backup.

Maybe this is how we are which, isn’t such a bad thing.

Maybe we need to allow Christ to step up and conquer our fears, our giants, and quit trying to be David. When we try to do it, the giant seems to get back up and kick our butts, but if we allow Christ to be David…maybe that giant head can be on our mantle as a trophy of our God’s victory!

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