As Christians we have to find a balance living in the world and not being of the world. However, it can be a risky endeavor since we often times cannot find that balance. As I shared in my post last Tuesday, yeah sorry for missing Thursday I got real busy, I was at that concert. Was it wrong for me to be there? Should I have worn earplugs and only pulled them out to listen to music that was giving God the glory? I don’t think so. See, I feel the same way Paul did during his ministry. He had to interact with other people, Jew or Gentile, to do ministry. Now, I know I wasn’t doing ministry per se at this concert, but I was definitely learning about culture. There are people lost and seeking something and for some reason they have found their identity in this music and subculture. If we as Christians were or are supposed to stay away from that then I probably wouldn’t be here today. I had a friend, who was Christian that was willing to step into my life and care while I was dealing with my own mess. She took the time and risk to get to know me and show Christian love. Granted she was my girlfriend at the time, but her mom could have said “NO, he isn’t one of us!” and thank God she didn’t. I am going to suggest that the only reason I was able to make it at that concert and not be affected by the ways of the world there is because of my foundation in Christ. I think many times we flee from anything that may risk our faith because our faith is at risk. We do not have a firm foundation as to whom Christ has made us to be and the freedom He has given to us. He has given us life and life to the full and will be with us if we are with Him. My foundation in Christ is firm enough to keep me from being shaken. This firm foundation is what makes me available for ministry to anyone, anywhere, anytime. This is not a boast on my behalf because I couldn’t do it unless Christ was in me, which He is! I think this is why I can get along with people, Christian or non, and gain respect. It is not who I am, but who Christ has made me to be. I want everyone to hear the good news of Christ and I want them to know that I pass no judgment on whether or not they accept it. I am still walking in their midst as a Christian, a friend, a companion, firmly planted on the foundation of Jesus Christ. The One, and only One, that came to die for EVERYONE!

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