Photo Op

I just listened to another Lil’ Wayne song that made me think…I know, weird. Anyway, he says “How can you get the picture, if you don’t know who took it.” This, once again, is a pretty deep thought coming out of Mr. Carter’s mouth. He speaks the truth, probably without even realizing it.

How can you get the picture if you don’t know the one who took it? If we think we get the meaning of life or understand what is happening around us without knowing the One that has put everything into place, then do we really get it? God has created the world and everything in it. He has laid out our lives and He knows everything we face and is trying to reveal His purpose for us through everything we experience. His glory is being shown through our pain, our joy, our struggles, etc. and the only way we can see what is happening or “get the picture” is by knowing the One who controls the camera.

This is not to say that God is up there just watching us and waiting for stuff to happen, but He is really with us. He is watching at our birthday parties and creating the picture of our life as we reminisce, He is hanging out on the campus when we meet our future husband or wife creating the picture for love, and He is at the funeral home setting up the picture for memories of a life lived.

This picture of life is taken by God. He sets up the poses. He sets up the background. He sets up the action shots. He is in control of the photo shoot and we get to enjoy the picture when it is taken. To fully enjoy the picture for what it is worth we need to know the One who took it. Maybe it’s time for all of us to take some time to really get to know the photographer, especially since He will be following us around for awhile.

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