Iron Man 2 and the message of God

So, I was watching Iron Man 2 the other night and got really caught up in the action. It was a great story of abuse of power, a loss of passion, and a struggle for peace. I enjoyed the acting, especially that of Robert Downey Jr. and really thought the special effects were well-done.

However, in one of the down scenes of the film when Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) was watching some old film of his father’s work there is an interesting scene that caused me to ponder God and His message to us through His Gospel. While watching, rather listening, to the film of his dad Stark was looking over paperwork and doing some note taking. Then, his dad began to speak directly to Tony.
His dad shares some insightful words to his son saying, and this is a paraphrase, “The technology of this day is not able to figure out what is needed. However, I know that you will be able to figure it out when you are older.” He then goes on to say these words, not paraphrased, “By far, the greatest creation I have ever made, is you.”

Now, the question is how could I think of God in those words. Well, the Old Testament gave some great insight in to how God was working. He was sharing His thoughts and guidance through prophets, but for some reason people didn’t get the message completely. Then, He sent His Son to deliver a stronger message. This is a message of redemption, love and grace. This message should have been easy to grasp, but some still neglected the message.

Now, I wonder if God is saying “At this time, people are not able to get it. The Church is still developing and the message is still spreading. However, when the Church gets bigger and heeds to the word of their Lord, the message will be able to be taught and discovered to the fullest.” I think He may even continue by saying “Please don’t forget, that the greatest creation I ever made…was YOU!”
More on this to come…gotta get to practice.

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