Today has been a pretty good day. In fact, I think these past few days have been great. Natasha and I found out we are having a boy, which is pretty exciting. This is an awesome time for both of us as we prepare to be parents.

As I look forward as the father of this boy I am getting anxious. The fact that I am going to be responsible for raising this boy to be a man is quite overwhelming, but exciting. Natasha will be a great mom and passing on motherly wisdom, but I am going to be the dad which means I will be responsible for guiding his understanding of manhood. I will be educating him on the ways of being a man, how to treat a woman, how to take care of his wife, and how to love his mother and how that translates into his love for his wife, and much more.

These are seeds that I will be planting right away. I like to think that he knows now how much I love his mom from all the nice things I do for him and her ( I say that partially in jest). There is some truth to that though. If I am not loving her with all of me now then how can I do it later? If I don’t find it important to care for her now, then how will it be important later? I need to be doing things now, but not just for the sake of our son.

Natasha needs to know the value I hold for her. The actions I make later should not come as a surprise because they are actions I am already making. I want the seeds to be planted now. Our son will come into a loving household with two loving parents that will not be riding on tense lines. His mom will be loved prior to his birth so he will sense that love from the very beginning. God has given me a responsibility to be a father and a husband. I will take that role and I will do it to the best of my ability.

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