Well, here I am again, three months behind on my nblog post and feeling like I have a lot that hasn’t been written. It has been an interesting few months trying to get things ready for our baby boy coming into the world, friends having kids all around us, one of my best friends sharing that he is going to be a dad and their baby will be here a couple months after Liam, and I joined a gym. Yep, I bet you didn’t see that last statement coming into the picture, but it fits if you think about it.

I have wanted to join a gym for awhile now, but just haven’t found the right time. In fact, I procrastinated a lot. I found myself judging myself and even the people in the gym I didn’t know yet. Thoughts like “Dude, you haven’t lifted anything heavier than a liter of soda for over a year” (ok, slight exaggeration, I did P90X, but never over 25lbs.)or “Those people in there are going to look at me like ‘oooh, look at this 30 yr. old chubby guy trying to relive his football weight lifting days'” or…well, you get the picture.

I have needed to get in shape so I started running, but felt really unfulfilled. I love running, in fact I am running the DisneyWorld Marathon again in 2014, but it still wasn’t enough for me. So, here I am, a 30 yr. old chubby guy trying to get back in shape. However, I have much more riding on this than a marathon or football glory days (if you can call them that), but I have a son that is depending on me to be healthy. This baby, as with all the other babies that are now around us, needs his father to be healthy. He needs me to be active with him and ready to be here as long as I can be here. This gym membership and my running is now not just for my life, but for my son to enjoy my life as well. I cannot hold off any longer on making sure I get in shape again.

As I look in the mirror today weighing 242lbs. I have to commit to achieving some goals. I have to meet thsoe goals and not lower my expectations. Liam has to see his father succeed, especially if I want him to succeed too. My example starts now, so later on he can say “My dad could do it, so can I.” Whether or not it has to do with his weight ro any some other goal he sets for himself, he needs to know that if his dad could do it, he can too. His dad won’t quit, especially since his life (not physical, but emotional) depends on it.

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