New Year Thoughts

Today is the day of almost new beginnings and changes. Tomorrow people will be starting their resolution process. The resolutions will begin, as they do every year, which consist of losing weight, exercising more, going to church more, reading more, and the list can go on and on. For this who will partake in this practice let me give some thoughts and encouragement:

1) Allow yourself to have flexibility. If you mess up or miss a day, don’t stop and avoid the things that have caused the setbacks.

2) Stay focused on the goal(s). There will be events or individuals that will try to sway your concentration. Make a poster with your goals, a journal, or some other notes the night before that keep you encouraged and motivated.

3) Make your goals attainable. Don’t be unrealistic. Set the goals by month so they can be looked back on at the end of the year as success.


4) Have fun! Don’t make goals that will stress you out or weigh you down. Find friends that will take part in it with you. Hint: if you can’t find one friend to do a goal with you, look back at 2 and 3 and see which one describes your goal.

Have a happy New Year celebration and good luck! Peace.

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