I’m working on home projects getting prepared for Liam to arrive. If you don’t know who Liam is, see previous posts…it helps my stats. Anyway, trying to change valves in our toilet, making doorknob holes bigger, changing toilet paper holders, and installing a robe holder for a baby boy that’s not here yet and more.

It has been fun to feel all handy, but frustrating since I didn’t, and still don’t, have all the skills or tools to complete the tasks quickly. However, the tools and skills I have are enough to get me by and I will accomplish the tasks in due time.

Such is life and faith. In life and faith we will have fun, be busy, and sometimes get frustrated. The reality is we don’t always have the right skills and tools to get through quickly, but God has given us the tools and skills to get through in just the right time.

As we wait for Liam to get here and do all this “stuff”; we do the same thing in our faith. We are waiting for the greatest gift and that is living in eternity with Christ. Some frustration and questions as to “why we are going through this now?”may arise and doubt that we can handle the tasks at hand, but God has given us relief and is the ultimate handyman that has already finished the job.

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