Treadmill Sing-Along

Everyone has their own music to lift weights or run to. There are even some that choose to listen to podcasts or sermons while running. To be honest, I think it is next to impossible to hear a sermon being preached or good discussion while you’re looking over your shoulder afraid of being hit by a car, attacked by a dog, or even breathing so heavy people in a 3 mile radius no longer have air to breathe. Anyway, I also think it’s especially hard to listen to worship music while doing these activities on a treadmill.

I had this experience a couple times with the same guy. I came into the gym and there was only one treadmill left open and it was next to the worship runner. I now know why. I am all about praising God and singing to worship His name, but while I am running on a treadmill, not so much. I put my earbuds in, I get my music on, and I begin my brisk pace of 6 going (I really don’t know what that number means, but it looks good and I move fast), but I start to hear someone singing and it isn’t Lecrae. The guy next to me, the worship runner, begins to sing loud enough that I wait for an offering plate to be passed.

Ok, I am good with this, but I feel bad for those around us. He is raising his hands, singing, sometimes he begins to close his eyes and I notice only because he starts to run off the treadmill and grab the arm rails whenever he does. I know the words to the song he is singing and I wonder “why would you be running to ‘Go tell it on the mountain’?”  I understand this guy is in his worship zone. I get it. However, is it right for him to sing that loud, especially a song that doesn’t necessarily scream “LET’S ROCK THIS WORKOUT!”  

I have been struggling with this event. I think personal worship and praise time is important. Is it really right to sing your praises out loud in a place with people who may or may not know what you are singing? Is it obnoxious? Or am I just jealous that this guy could still sing and run at the same time? One thing I do know is, if I am going to sing any praise song while running it wouldn’t be “Go tell it on the mountain”, but due to my exhaustion I might choose “As the deer”.

2 thoughts on “Treadmill Sing-Along

  1. I find it off-putting. I think we can spread the word in less obnoxious ways that don't push the unbeliever away. Just my 2 cents…I'm sure I'm in the wrong. 🙂


  2. I agree Jerry. I am not trying to make a mockery of the guy, but we need to be aware that sometimes we can come off obnoxious when trying to show that we are Christian. Thanks for your feedback.


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