Follow Your Heart

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ― C.S. Lewis

I think dreams are a valuable and integral part of who we are. We have been given an imagination to think about the many different possibilities we can and could achieve. We have all set goals and have had dreams that inspire us to move beyond our own perceived limitations. We have also had dreams squashed because others have told us our dreams were unachievable. In this post I want to give some tips for achieving your dream or goals.

There are three keys to reaching your goals:

1)      Discover YOUR Passion– You need to discover what YOU are passionate about. It is not about what your friends think, your parents, or even your spouse. To be quite honest, if your spouse is not supportive of your dreams or who you feel God has created you to be, then they need to get a gut check as to how they view their role as a spouse. Unless, of course, your dream causes damage to your relationship with God and family (this will be covered in number 2). God has given you something you are passionate about. Make your goals line up with your passion.

2)      Make Sure You are ALIGNED with the Word-God’s heart is HUGE!!! That means there are many things that He is passionate about and we are mixed in with that. He cares about the poor, the widows, the orphans, the hungry, the lost, the found, etc. and He needs us to be a part of His work here. If we become consumed by our passion and allow it to overtake our health, our relationship with our family, our finances, or even our relationship with God (yes, this can happen), then we are out of alignment. Follow me here, God wants us to do His work, but if we forget about whom we are doing the work for, then we are missing the point. Finances are important and with a family or by yourself you need to be aware of financial limitations. God will provide what is needed, so don’t rush into your dream, but move gradually as God allows it to happen.  God gives us our spouses to help us and if we ignore their concerns, their emotions, and their needs, then we are out of alignment. While achieving the dream we cannot forget who gave us the dream and who is supporting us in the process.
3)      Stay FOCUSED– There will be many distractions that will come your way. If God has given you the passion and the dream, then Satan will do all he can to squash it. One of his biggest tools he uses is people around you. There will be people who will make you worry about finances or other pieces in your life; as long as you trust God to provide and listen to the advice in key #2, if needed, take it slow and you will be ok.  Do not let others hinder your dreams. Follow your passion and let God develop you into who He wants you to be.

Goals and dreams are achievable, for the most part. We need to be honest with ourselves sometimes and realize that maybe it wasn’t meant for us. However, if you know God has given you the desire to achieve something, go for it. Trust Him. Be aware of when He says to slow down, when He says to speed up, and when He says to hold your course. He will guide as long as you listen. Follow the rhythm of your heart, as long as your heart is following the One who gives it the beat.

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