Living a Redeemed Life

“Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law, having become a curse for us…”– Galatians 3:13

I always enjoy receiving coupons in my email inbox. It is probably one of my greatest joys when I receive a coupon from my favorite gas station as a member to receive a free drink. I get really excited when I print out the coupon, go to said station, choose my favorite drink, walk up to the counter and when the cashier tells me the total I respond with a “Oh, well, I have a coupon!” I have redeemed that coupon with joy and satisfaction knowing that I have just received a drink that would have taken $2.86 out of my account, but now I have it in my hands for FREE!!!!!

This is the joy of redemption. These coupons give me a glimpse of the joy I should have when I think of the life I have been given. The grace that has been shown to me by a loving Father in heaven that created me for great things was given to me for FREE!!!! The only problem is, I don’t always think like this. I don’t always embrace my redeemed life with the joy of a gas station coupon. How sad is that?

I hold on to my faults. I hold on to my struggles and I allow my inadequacies to overcome and overtake my joy. This is not what God had in mind when He redeemed me on the cross. The redemptive value of my soul is way more than a $2.86 drink, but for some reason I toss it to the side as if it is a coupon for 20 cents off a $25.00 item. It’s totally not worth my time or energy to go out and embrace the item for $24.80. It is not the same for my life.

My life is worth a price, the life of my savior. My life was bought for a cost and I have been redeemed with joy by my awe inspiring, loving, gracious Master and He longs for me to look at my life in the same joyous way. I need to realize that the coupon used to redeem my life was a one-time only thing. It only needed to happen once and the return value is eternal life. This alone should make me jump with excitement and feel extraordinarily happy. I have a redeemed life. Knowing this gives me freedom. I look to a cross that paid my price. I am in Jesus’ hands, He went to the cashier, He laid down the coupon, and He is walking out the door with His favorite item…US! May we all live embracing our redemption. May we all live in peace knowing that we have a life we can live freely, embraced by the love of God.

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