START- The Review

The author of the popular blog Stuff Christians Like, Jon Acuff, that turned into a bestselling book has a new book that was released at the end of April entitled START. This book comes off the success of his recent book Quitter that moved him to being recognized as a bestselling author on the Wall Street Journal’s list. Now, I must admit before I move forward, I have not read any other book by Acuff and after reading START  I realize I am probably missing out.
START is a book that allows the reader to experience Jon’s (I can call him Jon since I read his book and follow him on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, so I think we’re friends) humor and sincerity, while encouraging people to achieve their goals. He establishes key steps in moving forward with your personal plans. Excuses and fears that have hindered your growth or your ability to begin a new adventure will run away and hide after reading this book.
Acuff’s writing style keeps the reader moving and, to be perfectly honest, laughing out loud at your kitchen table (warning: do not drink hot coffee while reading this book). His goal is to help others achieve their “awesome” in life. The cover says “Punch Fear in the Face” and “Escape Average”, which he gives clear guidance and examples as to how to make both of these statements occur in your life.
Jon allows the reader to break through the barriers that society, culture, family, or even “voices” may have held up in front of us. The 5 steps in our journey identified by Acuff that will allow us to achieve our awesome and move past our average are “Learning, Editing, Mastering, Harvesting, and Guiding”. He gives prime examples as to how these steps work and describes how we should approach these steps throughout our lives.
Acuff proclaims his Christianity in the book and shares, with humor, how his faith affects his view of purpose. The real message of this book is centered on discovering our purpose and pushing forward to achieve that purpose. Jon suggests we need to set our goals, discover what gives us energy, making sure we aren’t forcing our purpose, allow others to speak into our lives, focus on achieving our goal, be willing to take a step back and slow down if necessary, and much more throughout START. For those of us who have ever aimed to begin something, but were hindered by fear or lack of support, this book will move you forward.
For any of you reading this review seeking a way to get motivated, this is your book. For those of you who may know that there is something burning inside of you, but you haven’t been able to take the steps to get “started”, read this book. I cannot say enough about Jon Acuff’s new book, but I do know it has inspired to move forward with my dreams. I am going to start now and not wait. If you’re reading this thinking, “Eh, Bobby, I read your blogs, but I’m not sure if I can buy into your book review”, that’s fine because I’m not a book reviewer normally. However, John C. Maxwell (you know world famous leadership author and speaker) said “Inspiration without instruction is useless. Fortunately, START, is jam-packed with both. You won’t be able to put this book down.” I’m going to finish by saying, I agree, and the only way you will know if my review is accurate or if Maxwell is legit, start reading this book now. Perhaps, it will inspire you to move beyond your fear and step into your awesome.

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