Always Remember

Today is a day to remember the fallen, inactive, and active service men and women of America. It is a great day to take time to reflect on the freedom we have in this country due to their sacrifices. It is a three day weekend for most and with the third day of rest, they will celebrate with family and friends. However, on the flip side, overseas there are men and women living out the very reason we are celebrating today-without family, but with their fellow soldiers.
This is not to make anyone feel bad for celebrating because I too am having a barbecue with family, but let us not forget the toll war takes on the minds and bodies of these soldiers. The families of these men and women have to deal with the reality that their reality is no longer the same. I know of a military wife who knows she must sacrifice her time and needs so her husband can be deployed, there is a military mom who’s son’s convoy was hit by a RPG (rocket propelled grenade) and he no longer has full function in his brain and right side of his body, and the stories can go on and on.
Some may say “Well, they chose this life and they knew what they were getting into.” I would say, you are correct, but it doesn’t make it any easier. The same can be said for Christianity and the struggles we go through in life or persecution of any sort. When we signed up to accept Christ’s call to come and die so He can give us life, it was a choice, but it doesn’t make the struggles any easier. Although they are not made easier they are more meaningful because of the connection we have with Christ.
Now, back to the military men and women, the pain and struggle they may go through is not made any easier through the decision to enter their branch, but today is a day it can be made more meaningful. We are celebrating their sacrifices. We are celebrating the fact that through their service, we have now been connected with them. They have allowed us to live a life of freedom in this country that is not experienced in many other places. We should be thankful for all the men and women that have given up their time, family, and health for us to live safely.
Today, thank a soldier. Thank a soldier’s parent(s) for rising up a man and/or woman who stepped up to the challenge. Thank a military spouse for supporting and encouraging their husband or wife while they serve. Also, support and encourage the child of a military man or woman while their mommy or daddy is gone. It’s the least we can do on this day of remembrance.

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