Should Privacy Matter?

I read an article (here is the link: which suggests that a high school took this photo off Facebook without her knowledge and used it to tell students to be aware of what they post on the internet. Now, I’m not saying what they did was right, but I am questioning what this woman expected? Maybe they should have asked this woman, but at the same time, it proves their point.
Our privacy is important, but if we are wise with our pictures, words, and videos, maybe we shouldn’t worry about privacy too much. There is a lot of chatter about the government tapping into phone calls (actually phone numbers), internet, and other information, but my question is: if we have nothing to hide, then why are we so fearful?
As followers of Christ, should we be concerned about privacy? I don’t recall Jesus telling His followers to live private lives. In fact, I would say He expected them to be open books and available for everyone and anyone to meet and speak with them. Peter and Paul encouraged Church leaders to live lives without blame and Church “members” to live a life of integrity. If we are private and live behind closed doors, then why would these statements even matter?

If our character is strong enough, if our integrity is evident and we are aiming to live a life without blame, then should we be afraid of what people see of ours on the internet or phone records?

I would like to hear some opinions…or not…if I don’t see any, then I am assuming you are pondering this post deeply and removing all your pictures from any site.

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