Behind The Veil

“Let us rejoice and be glad and give the glory to Him, for the marriage of the Lamb has come and His bride has made herself ready.”– Revelation 19:7
My sister in-law is getting married. It is a pretty exciting time. I recently had the joy and privilege of driving my wife up to Pittsburgh to partake in wedding dress shopping with her sister and parents. Actually, I dropped her off at the dress place and went to the mall across the street. I did some window shopping, bought a coffee, walked around some more, then bought her dad a coffee, and went back to join in the festivities. I got there just in time to see my sister in-law looking gorgeous as a bride to-be, but also to hear the wedding dress seller guy (I don’t know what they call him, I’m a man!) talk about veils. He was trying to make a sale, but I got a blog post out of it.
He said something pretty cool and it went something like this, “The veil should be elegant. When the bride comes down the aisle and the groom finally sees her, he should be able to move the veil to reveal the glorious beauty of his bride” (Ok, I might have added the glorious beauty part just to make up for  my “I’m a man” comment…see I can be sensitive). Anyway, the thought of the process brought me back to my wedding and how awesome it was to see my bride coming down the aisle, she was stunning and I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, and then it made me think of our relationship with our Creator.
When Jesus died on the cross a great earthquake occurred that shook the temple and the veil of the altar was torn (Matthew 27:51). The veil was put up to obscure the holy place of God, it was a separation of those covered in sin, and the priest was the only one allowed behind it. With the sacrifice of Christ, the veil was removed and the creation was welcomed in to experience God firsthand. The sin was taken away by the blood of Jesus. Behind the veil was a mystery, but through the life of Christ the mystery has been revealed. The veil was moved aside so the bride could see the face of her Groom and the Groom can experience the beauty of His bride.
You see, marriage is a covenant. Marriage is designed by God to reveal His ultimate message of redemption with His people. As the veil is moved away, His glory and message of love is exposed, which opens the door for a deeper, intimate relationship with our Creator.
When the veil was torn, we were welcomed in. When the veil was moved aside, we could step foot the altar of grace and truth. When we see the face of our Groom and He sees us, our lives are made complete and we are restored to the beauty He created us to live in.
May we see behind the veil and experience the everlasting love of our groom!

P.S. Ladies, she did not “Say Yes, to the Dress”!

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