Watch Your Mouth

Let no unwholesome word proceed from your mouth, but only such a word as is good for edification according to the need of the moment, so that it will give grace to those who hear.– Ephesians 4:29
With social media today it seems people have lost the ability to filter their thoughts. They have lost the ability to think about the other people on the opposite screen reading political rants, harsh words, anger, hatred, etc. or think about what kind of image they are portraying.  Unfortunately, a major partaker in this activity, are followers of Christ! They are Christians who choose to speak boldly in the belief they are right, without any concern for who may read the words, yet at times in the eyes of Christ they are getting it oh so wrong.
When political issues arise, that seem to go against scripture, they are quick to belittle government and “liberals”. When things are done, that seem to fit scripture, they are quick to praise God and throw in a “take that liberals” jab. When, in all reality, some of those “liberals” may actually be followers of Christ as well. Interestingly enough, even if they aren’t Christians, these people that are being attacked are still a part of God’s creation. The words sting and hurt not just the people we are aiming them at, but also the One Who came to save them.
If we are called to minister and witness in the name of Jesus, but our words attack the very people we are meant to serve and witness to, then are we not contradicting ourselves? If the world views us as one-sided and unwilling to listen, then why would they want to listen to us? We are sharing the Gospel of Jesus, the Son of God who came to walk with, love, and serve the least and the lost. The last I checked, Christian or not, that is all of us.
We have every right to express our opinions. We have every right to share our thoughts. However, if they are done in such a way that detracts from the glory of Christ, then the thoughts need to be re-thought. The world is longing to see followers of Christ who stand for what Christ stands for. He stood for justice, mercy, love, compassion, and humility. He did not stand for His people to come into the world with a haughty attitude and a sense of always being right. He served when it was considered wrong. He loved when it was considered unholy. He walked with people who, by the standards of society would make Him unclean.  
What society didn’t realize was He came to redefine right and wrong, holy and unholy, and clean and unclean!
His life was sacrificed for people to know His love. He asks His followers to share His love through their words and deeds. When we speak words that cause pain, we hinder His message. Let us use our words wisely to lift up, encourage, and spread the good news of Jesus and not detract from the glory of the One who came to save us all.

Question: How are you using your words? If you’re not a Christian, possibly share how words from a Christian have affected you? Please be kind and recognize that we are broken and flawed aiming to be better.

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