Jay-Z and God

             (Tower of Babyl…You know, the people who thought they could be like God and reach heaven)
“You in the presence of a king, Scratch that, you in the presence of a God”-Jay-Z Crown

These are bold words being spoken by, arguably, one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time. He has built a strong business and has managed to build an empire in the name of Roc-A-Fella Records. There is no one who can claim that Jay-Z is not a solid businessman. However, one can argue that he has become just as in to himself as one of his artists Kanye West.
In 2010 Jay-Z said he believed in God, but not Christians or Muslims (spoiler alert sir: They both exist), but if he truly embraced the power of God’s name would he be able to compare himself to the most holy name possible? To put himself on the level of God is dangerous. As history shows all empires fall, but God’s throne has never been destroyed. In history, when leaders became so enthralled by their own magnificence that they put their self on the top with God, they soon find demise.
I am not saying that Jay-Z will lose his record label or the athletes he has started to sign to his label, but I am saying his ego could catch up with him.
Our strength or our gifts only comes from one source, God. He is the one who allows us to gain power or lose it. We need to acknowledge that. It seems when things go wrong, we are quick to look to God as the One who has brought this on us. In contrast, when things are going well, God is moved to the side and we praise our boss, our skills, the fact that we were able to accomplish the task, but God comes last. Why is that? Is it possible we fall in the same category of Jay-Z? We deem ourselves as a “god”. We may not say the words, but when we neglect to give praise to our Creator first and foremost, it could be deduced that this is why. 
At all times praise God. At all times recognize His power. At all times, in humility, embrace the fact that we are the created and He is the Creator, who deserves to be raised above all! It is an arrogant thing to ignore He that gives us strength when we succeed, but to blame Him when we fail. Humility allows us to not think of ourselves higher than we really are, but to acknowledge that He has made us more than we really deserve.

Question: What do you think about Jay-Z or any other artist (not just rapper) suggesting they could be compared to a god? 

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