When We Fall

“for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, being justified as a gift by His grace through the redemption which is in Christ Jesus”- Romans 3:23-24
In recent news we have seen professional athletes and political figures falling from grace. They have stepped out of the boundaries of leadership, character, and integrity that most people followed them for. Some have accepted their fault, but most have taken steps to avoid blame and hoped they could sweep everything under the rug. It has been sad to hear and see, especially the influence it is having on their fans. Yet, what does it say when fans or followers get so hurt over the fall of their favorite celebrity or leader?
It seems that we all have a desire to see leaders with integrity. We long to have the athlete or leader or celebrity who falls to be honest enough to admit their failure. We have an easier time forgiving those who are honest about their mistakes than those who choose to hide their misgivings. Why is this?
I would suggest it is a God given feeling in all of us. God is longing for His creation to admit their failures. In order for God’s grace to be real in us, we need to be honest enough to admit that we need it! Our brokenness has separated us from His love, but through His love, mercy, and grace, we have been reconnected to Him. The only issue is, we hide or choose not to accept the fact that we are separated.
Much like these people of influence, we try to avoid the issue and move on, but sooner or later it will catch up with us. God is always real with us; He is just waiting for us to be real with Him. The reality is, we are fallen creatures. We will continue to do so until we are with Him. The only choice we have is will we be honest enough with ourselves and our creator to fall to our knees and ask for His relief or continue dealing with pain of being separated from His undying love?
It is truth we seek. It is truth we will find when we decide to open our hearts and minds to God’s message of redemption for all of us. He knew and knows that we are going to fail, but He is waiting for the day we call upon His name and be honest about our fall. Many of these athletes, leaders, and celebrities who choose to hide dishonestly are losing so much socially and monetarily, but when we do the same we lose so much more eternally. It’s not a question of if we fall, but when we fall who will we have lift us up? If we are depending on our lies to lift us up, then our failures will hurt more, but if we depend on the Truth, then our pain will be comforted, our hope will be restored, and our freedom will be realized.

Questions: Have you been honest enough in your faults or failures? Who do you need to be real with to be set free from the pain of falling? What as kept you from admitting your flaws presently or in the past?

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