Dear Son

Well, the Miley Cyrus hoopla is still going strong and there are many different blogs, articles, radio hosts, etc. chiming in with their thoughts. However, there was in particular that struck a chord (a good one) with me that you can find at this link:
This post got me thinking. What about my son? He is going to be a young man some day and sooner or later an adult male. I am not naïve, I know He will be hearing music by men like Robin Thicke and others degrading women and turning them into objects. It is my duty to raise him to understand how wrong that junk is. He needs to know how to act like a man and treat women the way they need to and should be treated. The best example he will see is ME! I will set that example now!
So, here is a letter to my son because, let’s face it, men are just as at fault for this mess. It’s time to own up.
First, let me say I love you. That has to be said, so you know why I am writing this to you. This world is full of lies and there will be many told to you as you get older. Some of the biggest lies being told to you as a male is this: “Women are objects of our amusement. We can use them with no concern for their emotions or mental state. Men are stronger and have every right to look at them as pieces in a game.”
You will see it in movies and hear it in music. You will see it on the streets and you will see it in advertisements. It is a sad reality.
However, there is one place you will not see it or hear it and that is our home! You will know your role as a male. You will know your role as a protector, provider (not merely monetarily, but emotionally), you will know your role as a supporter and encourager, and much more. You will respect women. You will see them as beautifully and wonderfully made creations of God. They were made to work, serve, and love alongside of us; never meant to be behind us or under our feet.
As a man, you will lift up the woman to her rightful place. You will open the door for her. You will tell her how beautiful she is. You will hold her hand and respect her in public. You will respect her with your eyes and mouth knowing you look her in the eye and no unwholesome words will be said to make her look weaker or lesser than you (if you don’t need to ask what words those are because you know the difference, then I am doing my job right).
You will not put ANY woman down to make yourself look cool because you know you will look like an idiot! You will not look at a woman as something to conquer, but someone to honor! ALL women deserve these actions from you. There is no woman that deserves any less. Any woman who does not lead a life that is respectful, you still respect her, but keep your distance.
In the same regard, if I find out you do not do any of the things listed to do and you do anything opposite of what I exemplify with your mother, you better believe we will be having words. I will be checking with your “girlfriend” on how you are treating her too. This is not a threat, but a promise.
You are my son and I am your father. I am not here to be your best friend, but your best role-model and guide you to be the best man you can be.
I am not perfect, but I know the One who is and I know God has given us an important role to play as men. We will do it to the best of our ability to bring glory to Him.
Follow me son and you will be just fine.

Your Dad

One thought on “Dear Son

  1. Coming from a mother, your mother, I am extremely proud of the man and now father you have become. This, by far, is your best blog to date. It is a shameful world we live in. I wish more fathers would take such pride in being a positive role model for the young men they are raising. I am so grateful and blessed that your younger brother has you as a role model. I will definately make sure he reads this. Our Heavenly Father is proud of you. Continue to spread his word, son.


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