Grooming is a Pain

Yesterday, I saw a pretty funny sight. While driving to work I got stuck behind a school bus. The dreaded flashing red lights came on and that magic stop sign that appears out of nowhere from the driver’s side came out. So, I looked around and noticed an older gentleman getting out of his car in front of a pet groomer’s office. In his hands was a rabid dog. Alright, maybe not rabid, but the thing was squirming and nipping at the man, which caused his attempt to exit the vehicle a hilarious experience for me to watch.
I felt bad, but seriously, it was funny. It was a battle between the dog and its owner. The dog knew what was coming and started to struggle. The owner knew he was bigger, but had to find the right angle to approach getting the job done. As the battle ensued, the man shifted his weight in his seat. The dog continued to nip away, sometimes making contact. The man was able to get to the point where he could use his lower body underneath him, grabbed the dog with both hands and wrapped him up. The owner won the battle. The struggle was intense, but once the owner was able to get to the right spot, the dog had no way of winning the fight.
Now, I wish I would have stayed to see how the dog left the groomer’s. In fact, I wish I was a fly on the wall watching the cleaning process, but I can only imagine since I have had to bathe my dog a time or two. Dogs really don’t like getting groomed. However, when it is done, they seem to be pretty proud and pleased of how they look and feel.
Isn’t this how we are? We have our issues that we know ruin us. We know there are things we need to get cleaned up. We know and recognize when God is trying to do that work, then we begin to fight and nip trying to keep him from getting us in the doors to be groomed. Grooming isn’t easy, in fact, it’s painful; so we choose to fight like this little dog did. Then, our Owner has to shift His weight and find the right spot to attack. Then, He moves is body, wraps us up, and takes us to get cleaned. We fought the good fight, but He ultimately wins.
We struggle through the cleaning. We might growl or nip, but the cleaning will still take place. The most interesting aspect, similar to the puppy cleaning, we find ourselves feeling pleased and proud of the work when the job is finished. We recognize that the cleaning was necessary. God had His hands at work, was willing to let us fight knowing full well He could handle us, and then He makes His power known and cleans us up. 
Imagine if you found a dog on the street. Would you let them stay dirty? No, you would clean them up, feed them, and make sure they were healthy. This is what God does with us when we are adopted into His family. God doesn’t expect us to be cleaned up when we come to Him, but He will clean us up when we allow Him to work. It can be painful, but well worth it.

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