You Missed a Spot

“…Therefore, in order to keep me from becoming conceited, I was given a thorn in my flesh, a messenger of Satan, to torment me.”- 2 Corinthians 12:7
I hate when I miss a spot. I washed our cars the other day and after I rinsed the car off, dried it, and put everything away, I noticed I missed a bug spot on my bumper. It was frustrating. I used to go to a barber that would regularly miss a spot on my head and I had to do a touch up when I got home. That was an unsatisfying experience and a waste of $13, but I couldn’t find a barber that would be able to work with my schedule. I realize now that their schedule was always open, possibly due to their inability to get every spot on their client’s head. Missing a spot irritates me and I am sure you can relate.
Isn’t this like our life? Sometimes I feel like God misses so many spots in my life. This week I have been covering the idea of pulling weeds in our life and getting cleaned up, but regularly I wonder why God hasn’t completely cleaned me on earth? Why do I have a consistent struggle in life? Why do I experience pain physically or emotionally? Why do I have to deal with past memories that bring up hurt? I just want to say “Hey God! You missed a spot!”
Then I look at the Bible and realize, “Maybe, He misses it on purpose?” The reality is if He cleaned me up completely here on earth internally, then why would I strive to seek him eternally? I need the pain, hurt, and struggles so I can depend on the One who will bring me to completion in the end. He cannot allow for me to feel complete now or I could possibly lose my relationship with the Completer.

Paul recognized his struggle as a necessary evil. It was something He had to hold on to in life so He could stay focused on the One who gave Him life. Our incomplete life is necessary. Our hold on perfection is necessary. God knows exactly why He misses the spots and unlike the barber I had, we cannot go and do the touch ups on our own. We have to come back to His shop regularly to allow Him to continue the work He is doing. The project isn’t done until we are with Him. The missed weeds will pop up and some dirt stains rise to the surface, but we need to rest in the fact that He is not done with us. The spots have purpose and only He can reveal what they are for. Let Him do the work.

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