Enjoy the Flight

I have always enjoyed flying. I took my first flight when I was 7 years old (at least that I can remember) and I loved it!  The flight attendant’s taking care of my every need and even giving me refills before I asked, the take-off and landing, and meeting new people were always great events, but most of all I enjoyed meeting the pilot and receiving some wings.
When I think of flying and the experience of being in the air, I immediately think about life. There are so many elements of life that coincide with taking a flight. Here is a list of just a few ways:
1)      In life we gain baggage. Baggage can be heavy or light and we try to carry it all on, until we are forced to get into check. When we have someone finally tell us “look, you have made a valiant effort, but there is no way you can handle that baggage any longer. You need to check it in and let someone else take care of it for you.” We cannot avoid carrying baggage; it’s all about how it’s packed and if we can handle it well or let go of control to allow someone else to help.
2)      Going through the security check point is the worst part, but so important. We need to do a security check in life. We need to make sure we don’t have things that are causing harm or will cause harm as we go forward. We need to assess our baggage or pockets (or even an xray) to be aware of the inward issues that can slow down our flight.
3)      I always check the screen to make sure my flight is on time. We need to make sure we are headed in the right direction or to the right location so we don’t miss the flight. Our screen is found in the Bible and we need to know that our life is headed to the right gate.
4)      Taking off is an interesting feeling. You are buckled up, trying to get comfortable and hoping the plane gets off the ground. When we move with Christ, our life takes off and it is time to buckle up and enjoy the flight.
5)      Turbulence is rough, but if you focus on the fact that you have no control of the flight and the person in the pilot seat isn’t just playing dress up, but is the real deal handling what he knows best. Turbulence isn’t always something we prepare for, but we must remember we have a God who knows our struggles and will work with us as we travel through the bumpy skies.
6)      Trusting the landing gear is something one rarely thinks about. If the landing gear doesn’t work we are sliding head first like an albatross, those poor birds, but once again it’s not in our control. If God is in control and we do trust His promises, then we believe no matter how we land, we end up the way He wanted. If we are following Him wholeheartedly, then our landing will go smoothly and we will end up at the correct destination.

Flying is great. Everyone should enjoy a good flight at least once in their life. If we do look at life like a flight, then maybe we will meet our pilot and possibly get the wings…or something like it.

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