Follow Those Signs

My steps have held to your paths; my feet have not stumbled.-Psalm 17:5

I noticed an interesting phenomenon driving home the other night, a lot of signs. Okay, maybe that’s not much of a phenomenon, but it was definitely interesting. All of the signs said “Wrong Way”.
I kept noticing them in my rear window, so at least I knew I was headed the right way, but I kept thinking “I wonder how long it would take someone to realize they were going the wrong way?”  I mean seriously, you’re driving with cars flying at you head on 55-75 mph and you still need signs?
Anyway, the signs are there for people who aren’t paying full attention. Maybe they had an emergency text message from a friend and they really needed to read that “LOL” or they were driving blindfolded as a dare for a college prank. Either way, people have their off moments.
God does this same thing for us. We have our off moments in life. We lose focus, we get distracted, or we turn our heads looking at something in our past and allow it to drift us of course. There are so many possible reasons for getting in the wrong path, but we need to pay attention to the signs.
The truth is, we might have cars blazing past us head on honking, but we fail to acknowledge them. We have flashing lights in our eyes, but we still fail to heed to the warning. The last ditch effort is the sign saying “Get off this road or you will get hurt…idiot” (God might not say idiot, but I would, which is why I am not God).
After all the signs have been given, we might have to have the wreck to draw our attention back to the right way. The accidents could be heavy or light, but either way our eyes will be brought back into focus.
Don’t let the distractions in life cause you to veer off the right path. Satan wants us to fail. He wants us to think our past or our flaws should lead us to death. He wants us to go the wrong way until we wreck.

God says something different. He gives us the warnings. The things we have experienced in life will show us the right way, but He gives us the ability to know what to avoid. 
Keep going forward on the path ahead and pay attention to the signs guiding us the right way.

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