Open Your Ears

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There are many people who speak on behalf of Christianity that shouldn’t. At times it gets frustrating because they become the image of our faith that creates damage and ruins the ability for most to grow, experience, or develop in their relationship with Christ. Sometimes they speak hate, false doctrine, or even ignorance that has nothing to do with the gospel, but they have a way of making it sound like it. On behalf of people who understand the good news and the truth that Jesus spoke, I sincerely apologize to all who have been misled by anyone speaking on Christ’s behalf that had no business doing so.

Jesus had the opportunity to speak truth into the lives of those who were misguided and sharing a distorted view of the God that had created and loved mankind. In Matthew chapter 23 Jesus gives the Pharisees a shellacking and tells them what they are doing wrong as representatives of God. They were causing people to feel more and more condemned, in fact, they were even keeping Heaven to themselves and making it seem impossible to achieve. Jesus was teaching His followers that, yes these men were guiding them, but unfortunately if they continued to follow they would end up nowhere.

Peter warned of false teachers making their appearance in the Church in 1 Peter 2:1 that will bring in false doctrine and heresy that could end up destroying the individuals that believed and followed those teachings, but ultimately the Church would be destroyed too. In this day and age we are facing people who claim to be legitimate teachers of the Gospel, but fail to understand the Gospel and its truth. They place hard rules on individuals, they make their own walk seem perfect, and they are teaching people destructive ideals that rescind the gospel message. In order for this to end people need to become educated in the gospel and know what they are being taught.

If one’s ears are not open and they have taken the time to educate themselves in the word of God then they open their mind up to false teaching, false living, and false understanding of what God truly meant for His people to live by. People need to know the Gospel and we need to be sharing that good news. If we do not share the true message of love, compassion, and reconciliation shared in the birth, death and resurrection of our savior, then we are failing as disciples. A rule of thumb: If the gospel you are hearing doesn’t seem like it will translate across the nations, then most likely it is not the true gospel message (i.e. if you follow Christ, you should never be sick.) Tell that to followers of Christ in Africa that have more faith than most in the states that suffer from illnesses that are incurable. Does that gospel message translate? I think not.

The good news of Christ is meant to bring life, not wear it down. If you feel worn out by the gospel, you might want to make sure it’s truly good news you are hearing.

Open Your Ears was originally posted in January of 2013 on this site.

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