The Good News in the Brave Little Toaster

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“Reflect on what I am saying, for the Lord will give you insight into all this. Remember Jesus Christ, raised from the dead, descended from David.”– 2 Timothy 2: 7-8

One of the best parts of being a father to a toddler is watching some of the cartoon films I used to watch as a kid. One of the worst parts; is experiencing some of the songs as an adult I used to enjoy as a kid.

One day, while looking through kid movies on my tablet, I found “The Brave Little Toaster”. Well, I thought it was the original, but I accidentally downloaded “The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue”. Needless to say, I had to sit through some ridiculous songs, but the only redeeming quality was the fact that I didn’t know the lyrics.

However, that would soon change.

A couple days ago I found myself singing along with the first song in the movie called Remember That Day. It’s a catchy tune, a little cheesy, but catchy. Then, I listened to the lyrics a little closer and I found myself saying, “Whoa!”

Here’s a sample:

I am lost, I have lain
In rain, and I don’t complain
Just shivering, quivering in the storm (Meow!)
People pass, where I lie
Pass by…by, by, by
But Master comes scooping me up and I’m safe and warm

Oh ahh! What a day to remember!
I remembered it just that way
And I’ll never forget to remember that day!
Oh ahh! What a day to remember!
We remembered it just that way
And we’ll never forget to remember that day!

Yes, a little cheesy, but pretty profound from a biblical perspective.

In the movie a cat is singing these words. In life, it’s all of us.

We have all been in these predicaments. Lost, struggling, quivering, looking for help, but it wasn’t until our Master came. “scooped us up” and made us feel “safe and warm”.

Some of us can remember that day, but others have forgotten. Perhaps we need to reflect more on the time we needed our Savior to come and rescue us. The joy in these words as the cartoon characters sing about their day of rescue is an example of the joy we should be singing with regularly.

If we were to recall the day and “remember it just that way”, maybe our songs of praise would be more excited, louder, and filled with happiness like the day we were liberated from our despair.

It’s amazing some of the deeper lessons we can learn from these cartoons, but also the way God can use anything to reveal His truth if we’re listening closely.

My prayer is that all of you reading have come to know the Master and have been brought into a warm and safe place in His love. If so, I hope you remember how much you needed Him.

If not, I hope you can come to recognize that He will not pass you by in your time of need and will rescue you to a better place in His arms and always remember the day you do.

QUESTION: Do you remember when you came to accept Christ as your Savior? 

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