Living In The Moment

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“But I trust in you, Lord; I say, ‘You are my God.’ My times are in your hands…”-Psalm 31:14-15a
There are so many plans I have for my future, but I have so many distractions in my present!
Or do I?
Sometimes, we can get so caught up in or future plans that we fail to focus on the present. We look towards college and we fail to enjoy our junior and senior year of high school. We look towards graduation and we fail to enjoy the final year of school. We look forward to the next step in life, but we miss the time we are in.
Jesus was clear on this topic when He said, “Don’t worry about tomorrow”. In fact, we need to recognize that tomorrow isn’t promised.
There are so many families that lose connection due to one parent striving to reach the highest seat with overtime, business meetings, etc. with aspirations for more; then, when they aren’t expecting it, their kids are grown and they missed their child’s life.
There are kids who get so caught up in their jobs and their future; they lose their time with their parents or siblings. Of course, when time is up, they can’t get it back.
Living in the moment is a valuable practice that many have looked at as mainly a cliché. It is a cliché that carries a lot of weight.
We need to take the time to watch our kids grow up. We need to take the time to connect with our elders and/or our siblings. We cannot lose these moments because time is limited.
Just to protect myself, I will say this, it is not bad to plan for our future, but it is a bad thing to focus on it so much that your present time is lost.
Embrace the life that God has given you now. Embrace the time that He has allowed you to have today. Live in the moment allowing God to handle the rest. Don’t lose your family, friends, spouse, etc. for the sake of your future.
It has been said, “The present is a present”, by who, I have no idea, but it makes sense. Enjoy the gift God has given and live in it with joy believing a bright future is ahead.

QUESTION: How do you live in the moment?

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