Grabbing For The Brass Ring

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“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth andthe life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'”- John 14:6
I was reading the other day and I found out something interesting about carousels. I guess, in the past, while the carousel was going around the operator would be in the middle of the ride. While the kids would go around, he would toss a brass ring into the middle of the carousel and any kid who could grab it would win a prize or a free ride. It was a way to entice riders to go on the less enjoyable horses that wouldn’t necessarily go up and down.
An interesting concept, but still confusing to me; I mean who wants to win a free ride on a thing that spins around in a circle with weird music playing?
That’s not the point. The point of it was to give riders something to reach for. It was a prize to strive for and it made the most undesirable task enjoyable.
The term “Grabbing the brass ring” became a phrase that apparently originated from this activity, which insinuates living life to the fullest or aiming for the best.
Recently, I heard George Clooney use the phrase while giving his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes for an achievement award, which is why I’m writing this today.
“Grabbing for the brass ring” is something we all do. We aim to live life to the fullest and strive for the best. It is a part of who we are in business, family, Facebook, etc.
However, the part we miss from the original use of the brass ring is the fact that the people who had the best chance were the individuals willing to take on the less desirable positions on the carousel.
The brass ring is attainable for everyone, but ultimately the people with the best shot are the people on the less fun horses.
What does that mean for us?
Christ came for all of us to achieve the brass ring, but His message was: “The only way to get the brass ring is through me!”
He is the ultimate brass ring! He is the one we should be reaching for!
The great thing about it for us: He took the most undesirable position in order to give us the ring!
We have been put in the best possible position to “Grab the brass ring” and live life to the fullest through the Son of God.
This is where hope is found. This is how life is lived. This is how we achieve best. Christ’s life of service, sacrifice, and love led to His creation being allowed into eternity with their Father in heaven!
Our ring has been grabbed for us. Our eternal life has been given to us. We have received the best prize of all.
May we grab for the brass ring found in Christ and the everlasting glory of God!


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