Finding Refreshment and Restoration in the Message of Christ

“Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord…”– Acts 3:19; NIV
We have all seen those commercials. You know, the one’s with a person who has cream on their face and takes a handful of water and splashes it on their face to rinse it off. I still don’t know who the advertisers have spoken to about that particular action, but I have yet to find someone who goes into their bathroom and just splashes a bunch of water in their face to rinse off, it just seems messy to me.
Anyway, they make this advertisement in order to make us get a sense of a refreshing experience. They don’t use dirty water; they have purified, clear, and really wet looking water. Then, they go in slow motion and have the water spread and splash everywhere. As you watch it, you think I want the cream just so I can splash that water all over my face! Okay, maybe not, but you at least get the point that it is going to be a refreshing experience that will revitalize your skin or revive you!
The gospel can be found in these commercials.
Christ came to be a refreshing experience. He came because sin covered us like the oils, acne, wrinkles, or whatever else they might be trying to get rid of.  He came into the world and covered our sin and He, being the living water, cleansed the sin from our soul. He splashed all over us and revitalized our hearts.
The grace of Christ flowed from the cross and restored the life in those who were dead, which was all of us!
His life was a life of sacrifice; a life taken in order for life to be received. His message of peace and mercy restored the broken and oppressed. His living water he shared at the well is given for all who are thirsty and willing to drink.
We need to turn our face to Jesus. We need to allow His invigorating message of hope to envelop our whole self and revitalize our spirit in order to walk in His joy!
May we come to know the true sense of restoration found in His sacrifice! May we come to experience the true renewal found in His resurrection; His act of revealing our full reconciliation with our Creator!
There is hope found in the well-spring of Christ. Come and be refreshed!

Question: Do you find ways to be refreshed daily in His message?

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