Celebrating the Value of Marriage

“Marriage should be honored by all…”- Hebrews 13:4
My wife, Natasha, and I have been married for a little over 8 years. It has been the greatest 8 years I could have ever experienced! Now, it is not to say that we haven’t had our struggles, especially in the first year since I was learning how to be responsible with a wife and she was learning how to deal with a guy learning how to be responsible.
I love being married. I can’t imagine not being in this committed relationship with my best friend. I am a child of divorce, so it wasn’t easy for me to decide to get down on one knee, but I did it and would not change it for the world.
Before I asked Natasha to accept the challenge of being my wife, I had to make the conscious decision to discover the value of marriage. I had to ask myself, “Do you value the commitment?” Of course, I came to the conclusion of “Yes”, but it is a question I had to ask before I made the choice to buy the ring and ask the question that would change my life forever.
I didn’t get married for sex. I didn’t get married for tax purposes. I didn’t get married because I wanted someone who could “complete” me. Although, all of these things are added bonuses, these are not the reasons I decided to marry Natasha.
So, why did I get married?
I got married because I met the woman I believed added something better to my life. She made me feel like I was able to accomplish more. I also found a woman who balanced me out. The great thing about it is, she let me know I did the same thing for her! Crazy!
We made each other better. She wasn’t a project for me and I wasn’t one for her. We had a relationship we both valued and grew together in.
That is why I got married.
The value of marriage is not found in the benefits you receive, but by the growth you gain as an individual by being connected with another person.
The commitment I made in marriage was based on what I value. I value trust, integrity, character, love, and faith. I committed to those things in marriage.
I celebrate marriage for all people because of what I have experienced in my marriage. I have seen poor marriages and I have seen wonderful marriages, but I base the value of marriage on my experience…and it is priceless!

QUESTION: What is your view of marriage?

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