Why Orange Is More Than A Color- It’s A Movement

It is Orange Blogger week! I have recently been invited to become an official blogger for Orange, so let me take a minute or…12…to tell you why I believe in Orange…

Our children’s ministry has started using the Orange strategy. We discovered this concept developed by Reggie Joyner to enhance the experience of children and families within the context of the church. We love it!

The color orange is created by combining red and yellow. The Orange strategy is developed by combining the love of the family (red) and the light of the Church (yellow) to create a dynamic experience for family ministry!

A common issue we find in the church is a separation of families. Children and youth come into the building with their parents only to be sent to a classroom or opposite building established for their worship and spiritual development, which in turn creates a dilemma: parents worship and kids worship, but neither gets to see the other participate.
The orange strategy, in our case we use 252 Basics for elementary aged kids, allows for the parents and students to experience their worship, but brings them together through extra material and resources to extend the lesson(s) at home and beyond.
It is much more than a curriculum or program-it’s a standard. In fact, I believe, it’s a healthier way to do children and youth ministry. Families are enhanced and growth is experienced by both parties.
Parents are equipped to discuss scripture and how to apply it to everyday life, while children discover their role in God’s kingdom and realize they are not alone! 
I am excited to see kids embracing the key verses and focus statements. I am excited to see them filled with joy over scriptural truth. I believe in orange and I believe, if you’re a parent, it’s a strategy you should look into for you and your family!
If you’re a pastor for any age, please consider this strategy if you long to see families connected beyond Sunday!
QUESTION: Would you like to know more about Orange? Visit: http://www.whatisorange.com or better yet join us at Orange Conference 2016! Registration opens soon!

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