Why the Living Room Couch and a Church Pew Should Look the Same to a Child

“The best way for a kid to know God is to know someone who knows God.”­-Reggie Joiner (Founder of Orange, which is also known as the ReThink Group)

Although I was not raised in a Christian home, I still had friends I spent a large amount of time with, whose families were connected with the Christian faith. Granted, for the most part, I wasn’t aware of it, except for the few who invited me to come to VBS (Vacation Bible School…acronyms are always fun).
 I remember watching them either hug their parents, play with their parents, and sometimes even pray with their parents. I can think to a time where some of  my friends were unavailable to play between the hours of 10am-1pm on Sundays. I figured it was because of church, but then again, maybe they were on a secret training mission with their spy parents. I mean, come on, I was a kid and my imagination was active.
Anyway, I enjoyed their interactions. At the time, I didn’t see the value in it, but now I see why it was essential for the parents to be so active in the kid’s lives. They spent time asking questions about their day and listening to their problems, even mine. They sat around the dinner table and talked. I had a great friend in elementary school whose parents would have a living room time where they sat and were together as a family for at least 30 minutes. There was a Bible on their coffee table, I’m not sure if I remember them opening it, but it was there. Their faith was central to them and it didn’t stop on Sundays.

I reflect on their living room time. I remember being there for dinner, her mom was a great cook, and sitting on the floor. My friend sat on the couch in between her mom and dad while they spoke about her day asking questions and, if I remember correctly, even asking if she was a good friend to her friends. Of course I nodded in agreement.
I realize now, that without bringing up Jesus, they were helping her apply their faith ideas to her everyday life. They were teaching what Jesus taught on their couch and encouraging her to live out what she learned in the church pew the Sunday before.
When we take the time to encourage application of our faith in our children’s lives, there is significant importance and implications to our children’s faith development. Couch time is important, not just to catch up on your latest TV show episodes, but to seriously discuss how our lives are reflecting Christ.
Our couch and church seat should be the same. When our kids hear a message in church or are taught something in Sunday school, as parents, we should be encouraging them to discuss what they learned and how it applies to their everyday. We need to help our children discover what it means to be a follower of Christ beyond Sunday and, quite possibly, the best time to do it is on the couch.
This is why I subscribe to the Think Orange strategy. On April 27-29, 2016, I will be participating in the Orange Conference. OC 16 will be a place for leaders and volunteers to grow together and enhance their understanding of Orange.
Orange was created for the very purpose of encouraging churches to enhance the church experience beyond Sunday. They want the light of the church (yellow) and the love of the family (red) to come together (orange). They created a strategy to develop great momentum in families in regards to application of biblical principles in their lives, for parents as well as the children.
My passion is to see all people discover their God-given potential and purpose in and through Jesus. Orange equips churches and parents to continue the process, not only in the pew, but on the couch.
If you are a leader looking for a way to enhance your church experience for families, I am willing to talk about the Orange strategy with you and why it is so valuable. If you are a parent who wants to discover better ways to equip your family with the tools to apply their faith daily, not just Sunday, then the Orange strategy could be for you.
OC16 is coming! Register before February 18 and you can save some money. Visit www.TheOrangeConference.comfor more information.
I don’t get paid for this. I just believe in it. I know what can happen with and through Orange. I want to see the couch and the church seat become interchangeable in the lives of our children and families.
May we see the value of equipping our families with the tools necessary to apply our faith beyond Sunday.
Peace and blessings friends.

QUESTION: How do you continue to apply what you learn on Sunday on Monday?

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