(photo courtesy: Anthony Mossburg- cover art for CRAZY)

Well, I think I’m going to try something new. Every last Wednesday of the month I am going to try to review a new album, book, or movie that might benefit my reading community. I know there aren’t many, but hey, I still think I can encourage you right?
Anyway, for the first attempt at WEDNESDAY REVIEW (that name is completely original and it took a lot of brain power to come up with it), I will be sharing my thoughts on my good friend, Anthony Mossburg, and his new album CRAZY.
Anthony is a talented singer/songwriter. He has been recognized for his music and has received several awards for his music. He has broken the top 10 indie albums on iTunes with his self-titled album Anthony Mossburg. His voice has power and depth similar to Jeremy Camp.
Let me say that I have enjoyed Anthony’s music since I first heard him play at my best friend’s wedding several years ago. He has great talent, which he gives glory to God for, but his music is not necessarily of the “Christian” variety. He is a passionate artist and he gives everything he has to his music. You can sense his heart in every piece of music he creates.
Anthony does not hold back in his lyrics and holds true to his authenticity in everything he writes. He shares deep lyrics of pain, heartbreak, love, and nostalgia in this album that draws the listener in and allows the imagination to flow.
So, without further ado (which is fancy for time to get started), here’s a look at CRAZY.
Anthony’s strong vocals come out on the very first song, which is the title track. It is an honest reflection of a person’s journey discovering who they are. 
The song is strong and gives you a glimpse into the mind of someone who has been trying to fit the mold, but willing to continue on their own path. In the line, “I’m tired of trying to be just like you…I’d rather be crazy” speaks into the life of those longing to be who they are and no longer seeking to please those around them. A solid song.
Then, there’s the nostalgic upbeat track Radio that brings the listener back to their youth. Mossburg’s powerful voice and range is heard in this song. He paints a wonderful picture of youthful “wisdom” and friends discovering the world together. A fun song that made me imagine a group of young people on a road trip to pursue their dreams with no idea where they were headed, but they had each other and their music. I may or may not have listened to that song five or six times.
The closing track on the album I Close My Eyes connected with me on a personal level. The intensity of the lyrics and the message of love and relationships is deep. As I listened I could not help but to think of family members I have lost and distant relationships that have kept me going even when we are no longer together. This is quite possibly my favorite song on the album.
These are three songs that I connected with on the album and I needed to highlight. However, there is not a song on this album I did not enjoy.
Again, I know the work Anthony has put into this album and it did not go to waste. His passion for music and his willingness to be authentic in his lyrics is what keeps me listening. He has made some great music in the past and I am going to share a couple YouTube videos at the bottom of this post, but this is just more to add to his already strong collection.
I was honored to listen to this album and be able to use it for my first review. This album is out now on iTunes, so get it! Visit for more info on Anthony and his new album CRAZY and to experience the rest of his music. You will not be disappointed.
(RADIO from his new album CRAZY)
(Whiskey & Wine by Anthony Mossburg…this won awards!)
QUESTION: Do you like the idea of the Wednesday Review? 

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