An Election Reflection

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”– Matthew 5:9
Well, it has been an eventful few months with election season upon us. We have seen many different faces behind podiums trying to convince us that they are the right one for the job. We have heard many of the nominees speak against each other in hateful ways and create discord in their own parties. The people who are running for office act in ways that are similar to that of middle school students arguing over a lunch table. That’s politics.
It has been sad and interesting to say the least.
I haven’t necessarily been bothered by the way the nominees have been acting though. Their attitude towards each other is to be expected when a political race gets heated. The prospective candidates behind the podium might be speaking, but they have people behind the scenes putting words in their mouths as well. Unfortunately, the person running often time loses control of their voice in the process.
The issue I have with this electoral time is with the citizens making the votes. We have seen videos with images of people being hateful to one another because of differing views. We have seen a country divided over topics that are important, but not being discussed with healthy dialogue. We have seen communities torn over local issues that weigh heavy on the hearts of everyone, no matter what side they are on, but instead of handling the differences well with each other, they beat each other up physically and verbally in order to show what side is right.
That’s what is sad to me.
You see, as a society, we claim we want something better for our children and future generations. Yet, we set a poor example for them through our words and deeds. We steal signs. We tear signs. We yell at each other if we have opposing views. We treat the election as if we are rooting for our favorite sports team instead of looking at it as the future of our nation or community.

We have allowed ourselves to join in the gang war of Capitol Hill, which draws lines in the sand on issues and affiliation. You better be loyal or you’ll be taken out. This mentality has been running rampant in our society for too long and it has to stop.
Now, the above was for all people, not just Christians.
This is for the reader who is claims to be a follower of Christ.
We need to be better! We cannot allow ourselves to get caught up in the drama of the world. Yes, we need to be involved. Yes, we need to be honest about issues and address social justice. Yes, we need to be present and active in our communities, especially in regards to issues affecting the well-being of our children.
However, we cannot join in the name calling. We cannot be involved in bashing people who don’t agree with us. We need to be above the hateful rhetoric that is overcoming our society. We are called to be salt and light to a dying world, yet we allow our salt to get corrupted by the world and our light to go dim because of political issues.
It is not a time for us to be a part of the division. We need to be a part of bringing people together. Followers of Christ should be recognized as unifiers, not dividers.
The reality is, it’s hard for us to bring unity when we can’t find it ourselves. We are split on biblical issues. We create turf wars in regards to denominations and buildings and which one you’re a part of. We have created our own sense of division, which could possibly be why our world is the way it is.
The Church should be setting the example for the world and maybe we have been? Maybe this is why we find ourselves fighting as citizens, being mean to each other if we differ in views, separating ourselves from healthy dialogue because it’s difficult to listen when we only want to hear our ideas.
The world needs us to be who Christ called us to be.
May we step up and reconcile within ourselves in order to influence the world for a greater good. May we see our role as being more than just a denomination, but the bride of Christ sharing His message of hope, love, grace, and mercy. May we be peacemakers in a time of hostility. May we see change through us.
We are the bride of Christ, so let’s not be blemished when He returns to us.
Peace and blessings friends.

QUESTION: Do you find it hard to hold meaningful conversations with those who hold opposing political views? Why?

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