When The Church Empowers Christ’s People The World Will Change

“And he said to them, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest.”-Luke 10:2

One of the issues churches across America are facing is people either being disengaged in the congregation or not even being a part of the church itself. They are trying to find ways to get people to enter through the doors and step into the congregation through high energy music and activities. However, the question begs to be asked, is that enough?
We can get people to enter into the church, but how do we keep them? If the church is high energy and full of activity inside, then people will come back until the energy dies off or they find something better.
What if the people who claim Christ in the congregation saw their role in the kingdom as a more important aspect than just an hour or two on Sunday? What if the congregation saw that their energy should be just as exciting outside of the church experience?

When we look at Christ’s ministry with His disciples He taught them how to love, serve, heal, and minister. He showed them what it was to be a servant of God and be present in the world around them for His glory.
After working with His disciples and preparing them to minister to the world, He sent them out two by two to serve the people. They went out performing miracles and doing things they would have never done if it wasn’t for Jesus and His power. They came back to their Rabbi and told Him about all their experiences.
How can the Church help their congregation do what the disciples did?
Perhaps people are disengaged because they aren’t feeling as if they are a part of something bigger. The disciples witnessed miracles and were a part of the work. They discovered they were an active member of a larger story unfolding in the world around them.
When the people in the church embrace this narrative, they will begin to move beyond Sunday. When they see themselves as an active member of a larger story, they will play their part well. When they experience something beyond the teaching of a pastor and have their hands working, maybe they will return without the need of a dynamic experience on Sunday morning.
I am not saying the experience should be dull and drab, but I am saying the excitement shouldn’t end on Sunday.
The Church needs to work on the process of empowering their members. When we begin to equip the members to do what they are called to do, we might find them being more active in their own spiritual development.
God has given everyone a role to play in the kingdom. We have to create a way for them to experience the power of Christ in their lives as they serve. They need to be allowed to serve in their own way. So often we create ministries and expect people to get involved in those specific roles. We expect them to do it because they follow Jesus. However, Jesus did not follow His disciples and make them fit their ministry in a box or pre-designed program. He let them go and trusted them to do the work He equipped them to do. Then, He listened to their stories.
The church needs to be aware of the ministry ideas and pray through the process to be sure it fits with the vision for the direction of the church, but we need to equip and allow Christ to do work through His people. Maybe, just maybe, we would hear more stories of people who have seen Christ do great things in and through them after Sunday morning.
May we discover the gifts that God has given us. May new use the gifts for the glory of our Creator. May the Church equip the saints to do the work Christ has set before them.
Peace and blessings friends.

QUESTION: How are you using your gifts to glorify God and enhance the Church here on earth?

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