3 WaysTo Battle Time Fatigue

We have all been at the place where we realize we just don’t have enough time in the day to complete all the tasks at hand. We see what is in front of us and become overwhelmed with the sense of responsibility and inability to accomplish it all.

I refer to this concept as “time fatigue”. I don’t know if I just created a new term or if it is out there already, but feel free to use it. Time fatigue is where we feel as if we have worn out every minute of our day and still feel bogged down by what we have not finished. It’s a weight that keeps us up at night, causes headaches, and creates pain in our spiritual and emotional life.

What do we do? How do we cure it? Is it even possible?

I believe it is. I believe we can all accomplish our tasks in a timely manner and relieve stress in the process of wrapping up our seemingly impossible duties for the day, week, month, or year.

Here is a list, not an end all list, but a list nonetheless of three practices you can put into place to help manage your time fatigue…

1) Make a List: This might seem simple and you might even be saying, “Thanks a lot Einstein, I already do this and I still can’t finish what is on it.” Well, perhaps you have too much on there? When you can narrow down the necessary tasks for the day, your list will shrink. You will recognize that many items on your list are there because you believe you truly have a superhuman ability and when your normal human ability catches up with you, you beat yourself up. Narrow your list of To-Do’s and add to the list as you accomplish the items that are necessary.

2)Delegate The Work: You Can’t do it all! One of the things my wife and I discuss regularly is the unnecessary pressure she puts on herself to do all the work around the house. I tell her all the time that I am here and I have the ability to do what needs to get done just like her. Figure out what you know you can accomplish, but if you look at the list of necessities and you realize you are going to struggle to get them done, find someone who can help! It is not a bad thing to ask for help, nor is it a bad thing to give credit to someone for assisting you in wrapping up your list. Don’t put undo stress on yourself because you are afraid to ask for help.

3) Go Easy On Yourself: Don’t feel like you’re a failure because you didn’t finish your list. Again, you are human, so rest in that! Take a break. Rest. Focus on what is important…you! Let’s face it, if you wear yourself out because you’re trying to get it all done, then there won’t be a you left to do what needs to get done. Does that make sense? Take it easy and breathe. You only have so much energy to expend and if you give it all up, other things will suffer. If you have a family, they need your energy too. If you have friends, they need your energy too. If you have a spouse, they need your energy too. So, don’t run yourself ragged over your tasks because the time fatigue will take it’s toll on the rest of your life if you can’t rest.

Like I said, this is not an end all list, but some ideas to try out so you have a little less “time fatigue” and more energy to give to other things that matter, and may be more important, in your life.

QUESTION: What are some ways you practice time management?

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