3 Reasons You Might Be Missing God’s Message

My family has been in a time of great transition. I have been a stay at home dad for a few months and have enjoyed every minute of it, yet I know that this is not where I am supposed to remain.

My wife and I both know God has exciting endeavors ahead for both of us in regards to ministry and vocation, but we have been waiting for His direction to be clear.

We recently took a 9 1/2 hour drive to the northeast and sought God’s wisdom and direction. In that time, we had some clarity given, but still have a thin layer of fog remaining in our sight.

We are trusting and striving to remain faithful.

In this time of listening and seeking God, I felt like I gained some clarity as to why I might have been missing God’s message, and I thought maybe you could hear it too.

Now, these are the thoughts I gained, so I am writing them in the form I experienced them, but the words could fit your situation today…

  1. Get Over Yourself: You are trying so hard to prove your worth that you are forgetting your worth has been defined by Me. Don’t put so much into your plans because My plans are greater. Get over yourself and rest under Me.
  2. Ask The Right Questions: You have been seeking direction and wisdom, and that is great, but you are asking Me the wrong questions. You are asking where you should go and what you should do, but I need you to as, “Where do YOU want me to go God? What should I be doing for You God?” These questions now put the authority in My hands and you will now rest for MY glory. The question, “Where should I go?” is really your way of asking for comfort. If you ask Me where you should go for My glory, that is now letting me know  that you trust me to move you where you’ll be uncomfortable, if necessary. Ask Me the right questions and I will give you the answers you seek.
  3. Let Go and Trust: You are holding on too tightly to the things that I need control of. In fact, there are things I don’t want control over, but you still need to let them go. Your whole heart is for Me, but your whole life is not. You pray, you worship, you go to church, you preach, you love, you care, etc. (all of these are not the greatest, but you try), but you are still not trusting me with your finances, your children, your home, and some other “things”. Why? Let go of your fear that you won’t find the right schools for our kids,  or your house might not sell or you might have to stay in the house you’re in, or the idea that you will be broke. Trust that I am faithful in all things and I will prove to you that your faith is worth it.

You see, I recognized that I am not perfect, actually I recognize that regularly, but it still helped me shape the direction of my thoughts. When I came to grips with my flaws and my unwillingness to let it all go for God, then He spoke.

It was not an audible voice, but thoughts that shaped in my head that made me realize that God was guiding me in my direction.

My wife and I are ready for what comes. We trust our God completely. We still have some timidity, but we trust. We are working on letting go and moving forward in trust with our Creator.

You might be seeking answers, but not hearing the exact response you are waiting for. Perhaps God is speaking, but you are allowing one of the three reasons listed to get in the way of His leading.

Take some time to step away, sit in silence, and listen for His prompting. His words are wonderful, when we can hear them.

May we put ourselves aside for the glory of our Creator. May we listen to His message(s). May we respond with open hearts and open hands for His name to be known in this world.

Peace and blessings friends.

Question: What answers are you seeking? How can I be praying for you as you seek God’s direction and wisdom?

One thought on “3 Reasons You Might Be Missing God’s Message

  1. Thank you – just what I need today as another door shut omn a job opportunity that looked promising, but had some flaws too. In this with you friend


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