We are living in such an interesting time. Social media is running our lives. Even for blogging there is a strategy of when to post so more people will see it on social media outlets.

Obviously, I’m not the best at figuring out that strategy.

Social media is fantastic to connect with old friends, build a platform, and encourage people in their journey.

Yet, for many, social media is used to hide behind there computer screen to attack and belittle other people. They have been dubbed “trolls”, not the fun kind featured in the film or used at BINGO games for good luck, but the kind that ruin your experience on whatever outlet you’re on.

Why do people find joy in shooting others down or making people feel horrible about themselves these sites?

I believe it’s because it is easier to hide behind an update than to throw a hand grenade.

Hand grenades cause visible damage. When someone throws a hand grenade they will see signs of their damage. They own the broken walls, the bodies that are scattered, and the wounds which hold memories that will never go away.

Status updates are just words on a screen.They might be seen by someone next door to you or a person thousands of miles away. Either way, you don’t have to see the damage.You don’t have to make eye contact with anyone, you can plan your steps around those people you damage and you won’t have to experience the pain you inflicted.

When you write an update or tweet that is hateful, it is just as dangerous as a hand grenade. The wounds are real. The pain is experienced. The only difference is, with hand grenades the walls explode, but with harsh updates, walls can be built.Walls being built due to fear or pain are just as deadly as walls being blown up.

I believe social media can be used for the glory of God. It can be used to change lives significantly for His purpose. Yet, we find people who claim Jesus, using it to hurt other groups of individuals who have been created by God, just like them. In the process, they are exploding the message of Jesus.

People need to not only see our actions, but hear our words that create peace.

If you claim Christ, that doesn’t disappear when you’re on a keyboard. Your words on social media reflect your faith just as much as they do out in public.

Maybe, if more people would place the word filter they use in church on their social media platform, perhaps we would see more love and peace flowing.

If you are a follower of Jesus and you have caused pain to someone else while hiding behind a keyboard, go apologize. If you have hurt another person through gossip or slander via a page designed for that, block that page and apologize to the person.

This could end up being a reality show, “Keyboard Confessional”, where people who have thrown status hand grenades have the opportunity to assist in the restoration of the damaged individual. I think TLC would pick that up.

Let the healing begin. Let the recovery happen. It is time to restore the damaged relationships made through comments and updates.

May we find a way to seek forgiveness for ways we have used our keyboard to inflict pain. May we swallow our pride as we step into healing. May we be honest about the grenades we have thrown and work on repairing the hearts of those we have hurt.

Peace and blessings friends.

QUESTION: How can you be more proactive in seeking forgiveness? What can you be doing to protect yourself and others from pressing enter too soon?

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