Why I Write

So, I wrote my first book and released it 2 weeks ago. It is still pretty surreal to me that my name is on the cover of a book, but I am even more blown away that my name is listed on Amazon amongst other well-known authors.

Made For More was a fun project and the process was fairly smooth. My main concern was producing a book that was not only worth reading, but full of content that challenged people to grow deeper with their Creator and know Him more.

Ultimately, that’s why I write anything.

I am not writing to become famous, but to bring light to a dark world. I write so people can have discover or renew their understanding of who God is for them and who they are meant to e for God. I write so God can be known and people can see that their whole life is meant to be lived for God.

I don’t write for my own glory, but for God’s.

It is hard to remain humble in the process and I am far from it. I still look at numbers. I still check my Amazon ranking.

However, I have to step back and praise God for giving me the ability to write and the time to do so. I praise Him for allowing me to have this opportunity to speak into the lives of so many and I can only pray for many more.

My writing is an outlet of thoughts and ideas in my heart ad head. I just hope that those thoughts are shared well enough to influence the lives of others so they may come to a closer relationship with their Heavenly Father.

I can only hope I can keep writing and I can only pray that the words I share can change the life of one person for the glory of God.

For those who have bought the book, I thank you. For those who have not, take the time to peek inside on amazon.

This has been a wonderful experience and I know I will continue to experience this joy as long as I write for the right reason: Jesus.

Peace and blessings friends.

Check out my first book, MADE FOR MORE: A Journey of Discovery and Purpose, here:


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