The Lights Are Gone, But Christ Is Not

And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.-Luke 2:52 (NASB)

My wife and I started taking Christmas decorations down right when the last person left our house on Christmas night. It wasn’t because we couldn’t wait for Christmas to be over, but because of a busy schedule coming at us and we didn’t want to have decorations up into February.

While we were taking the decorations down, she and I both kept saying how Christmas just flew by. We couldn’t believe it was over.

The trees are packed away. The lights have been removed from the roof. The statues and wreaths have been wrapped up and put in their totes.

Everything is gone. There is no sign of Christmas in our house.

Yet, we know that Christmas isn’t really found in all of those things.

Just because the lights are gone doesn’t mean Christ is. 

The reality is, the season does not define our faith. There may not be a sign of Christmas in our home, but hopefully there will always be a sign of Jesus.

As we walk into the new year, may we continue to celebrate Jesus and the reason He came. My hope is people don’t long for Christmas 2017 to feel a connection with the birth of Jesus.

His birth ushered in change. It revealed the truth of our Creator. The little baby in a manger flipped the world upside down. That baby grew in wisdom and stature to transform the lives of His creation.

The Son of God came to earth to save the people who had turned against Him.

The star shined on the manger to lead people to the child. His light shined in the world to lead people to God. He left His light in His people to lead others to good news of great joy.

You can’t put Jesus in a tote and store Him away until next season. His light shines bright all year.

May you embrace Jesus’ birth all year. May you find the joy of His birth in every season. May you come to see that no matter if your decorations are out or not, Jesus still remains in His place.

Peace and blessings friends.

QUESTION: When do you normally put your decorations away?

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