The Passion Conference always tries to accomplish a goal for the glory of God during their few days with students.

One of the requests they make is for towels and socks to be given by each attendee to serve local shelters serving the homeless community. It is always an incredible sight to see so many towels and socks piled up ready to be given to those in need.

Beyond that, they ask the attendees to pray through an opportunity to join in a particular mission. One year, they asked people to join in the mission of distributing bibles to unreached people groups in different societies. Another, they asked people to give to build a hospital in Syria to save refugees in need of medical care.

This year, they took on the seemingly impossible goal of sponsoring all the children from three different countries through Compassion International ( 

I will admit, I doubted the goal. I feel bad saying that now, but I truly saw the task at hand and the commitment involved and questioned whether or not college students would take that goal on.

I have witnessed Passion accomplish many things through Christ, but for some reason, I doubted this one.

Praise God, I was wrong!

Not only did all the children, that were in line to be sponsored,  in the three countries get sponsored, but there was 1/2 of another country covered as well! That was over 5,000 children sponsored by college students from all over the world!

These children are cared for, given food, receive an education, life skills, and have an opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ through these sponsorships. The sponsor receives letters and updates on their child’s progress. They also get to write and share their life with their child.

It is all a part of building a relationship and caring for the least of these for the glory of Jesus to be known in their lives.

My wife and I sponsor three children through Compassion. It was one of the first things we did as a married couple. Our first child, Melvins, moved out of the sponsored community, but we were able to receive a new child to sponsor. We count all of the kids as our own and tell our children they are their brothers and sisters in different countries.

We love them and are honored to be a part of their spiritual journey and empowerment.

Passion made history by sponsoring that many children in one event. It was amazing! I cried, my wife cried, and it was phenomenal to see God’s hand in all of it.

Passion is much more than a time to worship and learning, but a time to experience God’s message of hope and restoration. It is also a time to be a  part of God’s work all over the world and serve people for the glory of Jesus.

It is not for Passion to receive praise, otherwise you would see it plastered all over the news and billboards. On the contrary, it is evident they truly desire for God’s renown to be experienced, and they don’t want the glory in any of it.

Praise God for the desire of Louie and Shelley Giglio 20 years ago and the Passion movement going strong for the renown of our Creator.

Consider joining in Compassion’s mission by sponsoring a child today! (

Disclaimer: I am not being paid to endorse Compassion International or the Passion Conference. I merely believe wholeheartedly they deserve to be recognized and supported for their work to advance the Kingdom of God for His glory.

Peace and blessings friends!

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