Finding God in an Award Ceremony

I was watching the 59th Grammy’s celebration, like a major portion of the population, last night. I found it to be a powerful show celebrating artists and their work.

There were impressive performances honoring the musicians we lost last year. There were enjoyable skits and life honoring speeches for all to experience.

I felt like it was a special show for all who were able to partake in the event.

Award ceremonies are fun, but I feel like a question needs to be answered…


Why do we celebrate artists? Why do take time to honor people and their work? Why do we stay up late to see who will win the top award?

There are several answers that can be given.

Yes, it’s because the music or piece of art influenced our emotions. The work caused us to think or move differently than others. The individual being honored has pushed beyond barriers to reach new levels that need to be lifted up and praised.

I can agree with all of those.

However, I am going to suggest that there is one overarching reason why we celebrate works of art, be it music, movies, painting, poetry, books, etc. There is one reason, I believe, we feel pulled towards honoring individuals or groups for their work.

The reason is simple, God.

God created each and every one of us. He made us in His image and likeness. His focus from the beginning was creating. He made the world, the universe, the mountains, the trees, and ultimately, us!

His work to create man calls us to celebrate and honor Him. We give Him praise and glory for the works of His hands in our lives and the lives around us.

He placed the desire to create in us. That desire moves us to make inspiring pieces of art that influences the lives of others.

Since our God is a creator and has made us as creators, then we have a natural sensation to celebrate our inner creator.

Chance the Rapper gave his speech bringing glory to God. He recognized who gave Him the ability to make the work He was being honored for.

I believe, intrinsically, we have something moving us to celebrate creation. I believe the Spirit of God propels us towards observing influential pieces because God has placed a desire to create in all of us.

We all want to make something grand. We want to be recognized for doing something awe-inspiring.

Perhaps we have the desire to be honored because our God has that same desire? He is deserving of all our praise. He is our Creator. He has given us all that we have.

We can find God in the award shows because of His creation doing what He has gifted them to do, creating. We celebrate God’s creation and their work.

May we constantly find ways to praise God for His creation. May we remember the Creator as we celebrate the works of His creation. May we strive to create wonderful things for the glory of God.

Peace and blessings friends.

QUESTION: How do you find ways to create new things?


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