Searching For More

After I wrote my first book, Made For More, I knew I wanted to write more. So, I am currently outlining my second paperback book and thinking through another ebook that I would like to write in the next month.

However, I thought it would be fun to write a short devotional to encourage people in their faith journey. So, I wrote SEARCHING FOR MORE: A 15 Day Devotional Journey (Searching For More). My hope for this devotional is similar to my hope with Made For More, I want to see people come to a closer relationship with their Creator and discover a better understanding of their spiritual walk with Him.

We all know life is a journey. There are twists and turns, but God is present in all of it. How do we follow His lead, read Scripture, and listen to the Spirit as we follow our path of Christian faith? I hope these two books will assist in answering that question.

I hope you will take an opportunity to purchase either or both books. Made For More and Searching For More are both available for .99 cents on Kindle. The paperback version of Made For More is $13.95 on Amazon or you can visit here: Made For More Discount and use promo code: RZ8W7HPF and receive $4.00 off the cost.

Whatever you choose, I hope you will read the book(s) and give me feedback. It will only help me become a better writer.

Thanks for your support!

Peace and blessings friends!

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