If You Can Do It, Then Do It

I know, you read the title and probably jumped straight to the Shia video (Shia’s Motivational Speech). The reality is, no matter how weird that video is, it’s pretty accurate.

I wrote a Facebook question about leadership for the new book I am writing and I had someone reply saying they could write a large book about leadership. My response, “You should!”

I proceeded to strike a pose similar to Shia’s.

Now, I want to say the same thing to you. If you feel like you can do something, you should.

Why wait?

If you have a desire to accomplish something, step in the action and do it.

JUST DO IT! (Insert Shia pose)

Don’t allow yourself to give up or not even start due to lack of confidence. 

When I wrote my first book (Made For More ), I seriously almost stopped. I lacked confidence. I took the opportunity to reach out to someone who had been through the publishing process and felt motivated to pursue my writing even more. Now, I just released my second, (Searching For More: Devotional) and I’m working on my third.

I want to encourage you today to follow your dream. If you think you can write a book, then write it. If you think you can change it, then work towards changing it.

Other people can help you in the process, so don’t hesitate to ask for or seek guidance. There is always someone who has been there before and they could possibly assist with our direction or motivation.

Find your dream and do it! If you feel like you can do it, then do it!

May you feel empowered to pursue your dream today!

Peace and blessings my friend.

QUESTION: What’s stopping you?

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