5 Podcasts You Should Be Listening To Today

I love listening to podcasts! I truly enjoy hearing different stories and gaining insight into scripture, world events, history, science, and much more. So, I subscribe to several different podcasts that, I feel, give me good information and encouragement.

I also enjoy sharing good things with people and hearing about good things from others.

That is why I am giving you a list of 5 podcasts I truly enjoy, and some you might already be listening to, but I will recommend them anyway.

Here is the list…

  1. BETTER STORIES with Justin Bowers: This is a podcast presented by a good friend of mine. He had a desire to share stories that break people out of the bondage of boredom. Justin interviews individuals that have amazing stories and events that will move you and encourage you to pursue more in your life journey. Check it out here: Better Stories with Justin Bowers
  2. THE NEW ACTIVIST: The New Activist is a podcast presented by IJM (International Justice Mission) hosted by Eddie Kaufholz. Eddie interviews world changers pursuing justice in different areas of culture. It is on the second season now and the interviews are great! Subscribe here: The New Activist
  3. RELEVANT Podcast: RELEVANT Magazine is a a great publication that shares stories of life and culture. Their mission is to encourage the reader to discover ways to interact with culture as a Christian. They have taken parts of the magazine into this podcast with interviews, humorous dialogue, and meaningful discussion. I seriously laugh throughout every episode. Seriously, listen to this: The RELEVANT Podcast
  4. DOSE OF LEADERSHIP with Richard Rierson: This another great podcast focused on business leadership, but it encourages the listeners in ways of leading in all aspects of life. Rierson interviews a broad range of leaders in the world. He shares his personal story as a military leader who felt a burden to encourage better ways to lead. If you are interested in learning different ways to lead and encourage others, this podcast is great for you: Dose of Leadership
  5. THE RED COUCH Podcast with Propaganda and Alma: I am loving this podcast! It is a new addition to The RELEVANT Podcast Network, which The New Activist and The RELEVANT Podcast are a part of, and they share insight into cultural and political topics. Propaganda is a hip hop/spoken word artist and Alma is his wife, who is crazy smart! They share their thoughts about life, marriage, politics, and more from the red couch in their house. I love the stories and their thoughts. I am learning a lot and finding myself growing more intentional about understanding events in our society. Plus, Alma shares a vocabulary word that I would never learn otherwise. Be ready to be challenged: The Red Couch Podcast

I hope you get a chance to check these podcasts out. I find value in them and I hope you do too.

Peace and blessings friends.

QUESTION: Do you have any podcasts you find value in? Share them with me.

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