4 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Pregnant Woman…Actually Any Woman

My wife and I are expecting a new addition to our family any day now. Our third baby is due on July 15th and we are getting pretty excited! We are going to be surprised on this one. We already have a boy and a girl, so we have everything we need for whatever appears.

My wife is a beautiful woman, but I feel like her beauty shines even greater when she is pregnant. She loves being pregnant too, so I’m sure since she is doing something she loves, she glows.

One thing I have noticed in her pregnancies, actually I have become sensitive to it, is people making comments that are not very considerate of her feelings or emotions. In fact, I have learned from some of our other pregnant friends and others who have been pregnant, this is not rare.

Then, I began to recognize something about society and its ability to really bring a woman down with words and images. Another interesting observation I have made, is far too often, a large amount of the hurtful words that are pointed towards women, come from other women.

It’s sad when a woman can’t even feel supported by other women who are going through the same struggles.

I am aware that, as a man, it is dangerous territory for me to address issues effecting women, but I had my wife proof-read this before I posted, so I have passed inspection.

I have created a list of four things you should never say to a pregnant woman, but really, no woman should hear these words.

So, here we go:

4. How many do you have in there?– A pregnant woman doesn’t need to be reminded how big she is getting, let alone be told she is big enough to carry more than one baby. A woman who isn’t pregnant doesn’t need to be asked this either.

3. I noticed your waddle.-Yeah, as the baby grows and the woman becomes uncomfortable in certain spots, she will walk differently. Again, she doesn’t need reminded. Please don’t ever tell a non-pregnant woman these words.

2. I won’t touch your food because you’ll probably bite my hand off!– A pregnant woman isn’t some crazy man-eating beast! They are carrying life that requires food to sustain life. The crazy thing is, the woman still needs to eat too! Let her eat and let the baby eat. Don’t make comments about what or how they eat. Women don’t need people commenting n their eating habits period.

1. You look so tired!– Pregnant women have a tiny person inside of them, living off their body. The little human is zapping energy and making sleeping uncomfortable. So, yeah, they will look tired. They don’t need someone pointing it out. Women have enough ads and magazine covers showing them how they need to look better, they don’t need people they interact with to tell them aren’t looking good.

Basically, this list is to raise awareness of one thing: Think before you speak.

Seriously, if you wouldn’t want someone saying something to you, don’t say it. This is a simple truth we learned in elementary school.

Finally, this message is for women, please be better at encouraging and lifting each other up. Don’t look for the flaws in each other in order to make yourselves feel better. Support each other.We live in a world that wants to degrade, belittle, and revoke the hard work many women put in to receive the rights you have today. As a man, I acknowledge this is a battle men have created, and I am trying to do my part in revising that cycle. I am striving to raise a strong, independent, and intelligent daughter who will know she is worth more than her body. I am also aiming to raise a son who values women and views them with honor and equality.

Women, you should not have to worry about losing the battle to each other. Unite and celebrate your unique qualities and strengths. Empower each other.

Women: May you find your beauty within. May you see your value given to you at the point of creation. May you find hope with each other and ignore the ignorance.

Men: May you empower the women around you. May you glorify their mind and spirit. May you be bold enough to fight against the society that calls us to celebrate the women’s body and external beauty. May we be wise in how we treat the women in our lives.

Peace and blessings friends.

QUESTION: What are some things that you have heard or you have had said that didn’t make this list?






2 thoughts on “4 Things You Shouldn’t Say To A Pregnant Woman…Actually Any Woman

  1. I’ve seen a lot of people touch pregnant women’s stomachs. To me, it’s disrespectful (unless they know you really well and you’re cool with it). People shouldn’t touch people they don’t know!

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