An Encouragement For Teachers

It’s that time of year again, where students begin their journey back into the school halls, and into the classrooms with their friends. They reconnect with people they haven’t seen for months and they begin anew with people they have never met.

For some, it’s a time of new beginnings in unfamiliar territory. They are looking for their niche and trying to figure out where they will fit in. They will be seeking acceptance, connection, and friendship. It is a time of transition, and they hope to make the best of it.

As my son prepares for Pre-K, I am still wrapping my mind around that, I am nervous. I wonder if he’ll find his place amongst peers. I wonder if he will be accepted. I wonder if he will be happy or if it will be hard.

Yet, I have hope, because of one thing…

I know his teacher.

She is kind, respectful, genuinely friendly, and loves kids. She loves her role. It is not a job, but a calling. She smiles and speaks softly. She is the one my wife and I will be connecting with to see how my son is developing. I have confidence in her and that brings me peace.


Because I had teachers like that. I had teachers who truly cared about me and other students. They stepped above and beyond their role as a teacher and became mentors and friends. They loved their position and would do it forever if they could.

Now, let me make this clear: teachers, you are not responsible for raising my child, I am. 

However, you have a major role in defining the future for many kids. Some children are in less than great homes and they are longing for a truly supportive and encouraging voice in their life, and you just might be it.
Some kids are wondering if an adult cares about them beyond their parent that yells at them regularly and belittles them. You just might be that adult.

Your role is vital to our society. You are under appreciated and I, as well as many others, recognize that. Let me say this now, I appreciate you!

This school year, when you experience a difficult student, you just might have the opportunity to encourage and motivate them to be something better. You have the ability to change their direction by merely being a pleasant and supportive voice in their life. 

How do I know?

I was that kid. I was a rambunctious, class clown, low self-esteem, and angry kid. I had teachers who cared. I had teachers who walked and talked with me. Teachers who pushed me to be better than what I thought I was. Teachers who sincerely wanted to make sure I was doing alright. 

Many teachers made the difference in my dreaming. 

I love learning because of my teachers. I love writing because of my teachers. I love reading because of my teachers. 

I still hate math, but hey, my teachers tried.

So, teachers, as you step into your classroom, whether it’s for the first year or your final, be encouraged to know that you are appreciated and loved by many parents. Know that even the most difficult student is worth it. Your role is amazing and valuable.

Remember why you chose to do this. Look at the faces of the students and realize you are influencing their lives. 

Make it count! 

Thank you to my teachers who saw something in me that I never thought could exist and motivating me to be something better.

Have a great year teachers! I’m praying for you!

Peace and blessings!

Question: How have you been influenced by your teachers?

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