For A Limited Time

Have you ever been so involved with an activity, like watching a movie or reading my book (shameless plug), and you look at your cell phone and notice the time has just flown by?

Yeah, I think we all have.

I had a book signing a couple days ago and found myself noticing the time flying by. It wasn’t because I was so busy signing books, because I wasn’t, but it was because I was enjoying my limited time participating in such a fun activity.

I seriously think it is the coolest thing to be a part of signings. I enjoy sitting at a table and meeting people. I met a few people and was able to look around the bookstore, which if you’re ever in Huntington, WV, checkout Empire Books & News, it’s a great store.

Anyway, I took the opportunity to enjoy the experience I was blessed to have at that moment.

I could have moped and been defeated due to the lack of sales or signatures, but I chose to think of my limited time in that location. Until I write my next book, I may never be in that store again. However, even when I finish my next book, I may never make it back to that store. So, I needed to take in my experience for what it was worth.

I met some nice employees at the store. One had a degree in literature and was very kind. I met a guy who felt called into ministry and shared his testimony with me. I was inspired by his passion. I had the opportunity to encourage a young youth pastor in his journey. I even was able to see one of my former students from my youth ministry and eat dinner with a friend.

When you embrace your limited time, the defeats don’t bother you as much.


Because you focus on the wins. When you focus on what seems like a failure, you will be broken down. Yet, when you can see the beauty around you and keep looking up, your limited time is enhanced. 

The more you focus on the defeat, the harder it is to experience joy in the limited time.

Your life is fleeting. It can end any moment. It is too short to spend the majority of the time focusing on what didn’t work out and missing the moments of fun and success.

Embrace your limited time. Enjoy what is around you. Don’t get defeated and allow that to steal your time. Don’t get through life moping and wishing things went better. Then, you look at the clock, and realize your time is up, and you missed out on so much.

May you find joy in your limited time. May you be strong enough to move beyond the failures and find joy in the great success around you.

Peace and blessings friends.

QUESTION: Where have you found yourself being defeated and losing time?

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